Tutorials for Terra Nulla NFT Issuance

At 2PM UTC, September 30, Terra Nulla is about to start its second-round NFT sale on Fangible and Treasureland. The sale includes Boss NFT and Worker NFT. Boss NFT will be sold via auction, while Worker NFT will be sold at a fixed price, the same as its first sale.

Detailed information about the sale is as follows:

  • Date: 2PM UTC, September 30
  • Quantity: 4
  • Platform: Fangible
  • Sale approach: British auction (Price from low-to-high, the highest bidder wins)
  • Starting price: 580U of BNB
  • Date: 2PM UTC, September 30
  • Quantity: 60
  • Platform: Treasureland
  • Sale approach: Sale at fixed price (price is fixed, first come, first served)
  • Starting price: 225U of BNB

How to participate in BOSS NFT auction on Fangible?

  1. Enter https://fangible.com/
  2. Click the “Connect Wallets”button on the top right,then choose MetaMask to finish the confirmation:

Connect the wallet;

3. Input “Terra Nulla” on the top left search bar and enter the auction list interface of BOSS NFT;

4. Choose the Boss NFT you want to buy and click the picture to enter the auction detail page;

5. You can see the introduction, auction remaining time, the latest bid price of Boss NFT on the auction detail page. Click the “Place bid” button after confirming the information above;

6. Input your bid in the pop-up window.The bid must be higehr than the latest bid price and is irrevocable until there is a new bid price or it is accepted by the initiator;

7. After confirming your bid, just click the “Place bid” button to finish the confirmation in the wallet,

8. When your bid price is accepted by the initiator or there is no higher bid until the end of the auction, you will win the NFT.

How to purchase Worker NFT on Treasureland?

  1. Enter https://www.treasureland.market/
  2. Click the “Connect Wallet” button on the top right to connect the wallet.

3. After the connection, input “Terra Nulla” on the top-left search bar and click to enter the purchase interface of Worker NFT.

4. You can see the name and price of the NFTs for sale on this interface and choose the Worker NFT you want to buy, then click the picture to enter the detail page.

5. You can see the Character information,Contract Address,Token ID and Royalties on detail page. Just click the “Buy”button after you make the decision;

6. Click the “Check out” button after confirming the transaction information;

7. Purchase is successful after confirmation in the wallet;

8. If the balance is insufficient, you can click “Convert” button to convert more tokens in the pop-up Pancake Swap window for the purchase.

9. After purchase, you can see the purchased NFT in the “Account” interface.

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