The key to becoming the best gold miner of Metaverse

The application of the blockchain technology has been booming since the bull market that started at the end of 2020. It is DeFi that entered the public eye first, since then it has been pushing the market cap to record highs. Now, it is handing off the baton to NFT, which becomes the new favorite of the blockchain industry. The “NFT+ on-chain game” model is attracting a large number of users to jump in, preparing the stage for the real-world entrance. Meanwhile, “Metaverse”, a concept with much higher potential and sentimental attributes, makes a hit overnight!

If you want to make money, invest in NFT games and Metaverse!

The “NFT+ on-chain game” model is so popular because it is a “Play to Earn” model. According to the latest data, its total market cap has reached over 10 billion U.S. dollars. Axs, the platform token of the hottest NFT game Axie Infinity, has a total market cap of 4.35 billion U.S. dollars. This game is special because all its game assets are NFTs, which are needed throughout the game, and can be traded or transferred to earn premiums. It can be seen that Axie Infinity has already obtained the function of asset management, which is more like a game version of DeFi application. Meanwhile, new players such as Alien Worlds and CryptoBlades have been upgrading its model, striving to keep up with Axie Infinity, which indirectly promote the development of the entire industry.

Despite their rapid rise and high momentum, game applications have not been unanimously recognized by mainstream capital and the blockchain industry. Because either traditional stand-alone games or online games that are now flooding the entire network, they are all based on a centralized underlying network, where technical stability and security are guaranteed and user experience is better attended. In contrast, all NFT games apply public chains with unstable underlying technologies. The gameplay and mechanisms are relatively simple, and there are obvious uncertainties in sustainability and longevity. Therefore, only by strengthening the underlying public chain of the NFT game, can it overtake the traditional game at the corner and take the lead in opening the metaverse world.

MPC brings huge value to Metaverse

NFT games covers considerable elements, which makes it complex, diverse and systematic. This is a truth that all NFT developers know. At the technical level, NFT games need to integrate technologies like blockchain, virtual reality, and cloud computing. In terms of game mechanisms, they need to be designed in accordance with the tokenomics. It can be said that the threshold for the development and operation of NFT games is so high that it is beyond the reach of many Internet giants. The realization of Metaverse is even more elusive. Catalyzed by the huge market cap and high market demand, the MPC (Modernizing Park Chain) public chain came into being.

Serving as the underlying infrastructure of NFT games, MPC public chain has attracted massive developers, players and investors to join. After the formation of a huge public chain ecology, it will connect to Metaverse in dimensions like technology, economy, community and culture.

What excites NFT players most is that the MPC public chain may be the world’s most efficient MAAS (Metaverse-as-a-service) platform. Any type of user, such as game developers, artists, KOLs and players, are just one-clicked away from Metaverse works which are created according to their personal ideas. The convenience of creating metaverse works is like the issuance of ERC20 tokens on Ethereum.

The Metaverse space is as beautiful and bright as the starry sky, but is as vast and ethereal as the sky, too. There is still a long way to go to unveil the truth and build the Metaverse. Therefore, the MPC officially divided the process into three stages: foundation, man-machine, and discovery.

Foundation: This phase mainly solves the framework problem. It realizes the MAAS function through TBFT consensus mechanism, separates non-sharding calculation, account management, and mainnet based on joint-identity platform, and become a cooperative platform suitable for the rapid iterations of fundamental devices in the metaverse.

Discover: This phase will uphold and fulfill the core spirit of Metaverse, that is, freedom, equality, democracy and autonomy. It combines the technological advantages and tokenomics of MPC to create a truly decentralized autonomous organization — DAO, which can motivate all participants, stimulate their potential, and accumulates sufficient momentum for the arrival of Metaverse.

In summary, the above mentioned three stages of foundation, man-machine, and discovery respectively correspond to the shaping of technology, mechanism, and philosophy. This is also the road map for MPC to shape the Metaverse from the outside to the inside.

Powerful underlying technology + user-friendly technical design

The most criticized shortcomings of public chain by developers are slow speed, poor compatibility, weak interactivity and congestion on the chain. These are also the fundamental reasons why there is no tycoons in DAPP applications, especially games. In the early developing of the MPC public chain, a large amount of R&D investment was made to ensure that the system can solve the above-mentioned shortcomings once for all, and clear the way for large-scale implementation of blockchain games.

First of all, the modular design of the MPC public chain allows developers to develop DAPPs with low cost yet high efficiency. By deploying convenient plug-ins, to launch a new DAPP, developers no longer need to spend too much energy on the underlying technology, and only need to bridge the team’s creativity and ideas to the MPC public chain through a simple programming language.

Secondly, the MPC public chain is also devoted to reducing application complexity, optimizing user experience, and infinitely approaching the Metaverse world. As we all know, blockchain applications such as the public chain are complicated to operate and the process is cumbersome. The MPC public chain streamlines the interface and adaptation process to the greatest extent, and the user-friendliness has increased rapidly, approaching the experience of the popular products. Therefore, the metaverse world is within reach of all users.

Base on the above, MPC will launch a series of popular game applications, including the upcoming Modernizing Park, which has aroused strong expectations from the market even before it went live.

The ”Land + tokens” two-way driven NFT game

The magic weapon for on-chain games to enter the real-word market is its “play to earn” model. How to ensure users that it can obtain continuous revenue is the top priority. For this reason and focusing on the “land + tokens” model. Modernizing Park has derived a game mechanism with persistent profitability.

To be specific, the land of Modernizing Park consists of 100,000 NFTs. The 100,000 NFTs are the only and total supply, which makes it very scarce. Land is divided into residential land, commercial land and industrial land.

Users can obtain land ownership by paying tokens and completing the auction. Then they can manage the land by themselves in accordance with the game rules, such as continuously investing tokens and optimizing the content of the land to upgrade the land and obtain corresponding profits. What is more interesting is that after acquiring a piece of land, the player can obtain daily token revenue by building a shop and hiring shop assistants, similar to mining output. In addition, you can build various properties based on land types, or transform and upgrade the land into factories and securities centers. By moving the manufacturing or financial industries in the real world to the game scene, you can earn more income with more advanced methods.

Tokenomics and function

50,000,000 MPC tokens have been issued. 10% of the MPC is intended as incentives for the project’s development team, which will unlock tokens at the end of each year after the launch of the main net. 90% of these MPCs are intended for constructing the platform’s ecology, which includes witnessing block rewards, incentives for eco-developers, global community building, DAPP promotion activities, project operation and promotion, eco-partners, eco-investment, research and legal services. For specific details please see the figure below:

From the above token distribution, it can be seen that the share held by the team is very limited, and most tokens are used as the incentive for ecological development. MPC are willing to share benefits with its developers and to provide its users with enough incentives to continuously acquire traffic and users. Of course, the ultimate target is to control the circulation of tokens at the initial stage, and to promote hunger marketing and improve the sense of value. In the later stage, with the increase of application scenarios, the token value will definitely continue to break new highs.

It should be noted that the MPC token has a variety of functions, including: obtaining governance rights, buying land NFT and other tools, rewarding developers, advertising payments, virtual space leasing and interactive payments. Among them, governance right is the highlight, because users can describe their imaginary metaverse through this function. The transaction and leasing of NFT props create more opportunities for users to make money.


The roadmap of MPC is as follow:

Phase 1:Improve and perfect the tokenomics, confirm the consensus algorithm, complete the Game V1.0 modelling, and develop the smart contract engine module.

Phase 2: Develop P2P network module and PRC module, complete the first limited auction of 3000 land NFTs, and conduct the cold start + internal beta test of Game V1.0.

Phase 3: Launch MPC testnet, conduct public beta test of the Game and launch MPC mainnet 1.0.

Phase 4: Launch Game V2.0, realize the cross-chain and distributed storage function of MPC mainnet 2.0, launch Dapp V3.0, improve and perfect the functions of Metaverse.

In addition, as MPC’s first metaverse project, Modernizing Park will be the top priority in the near future. After its successful development, MPC will copy its experience to other projects. The project is going well and has won praise and support from investment house, media and KOLs. Many NFT player also expressed great interest to it!

In the future Metaverse, the current value logic will definitely be rewritten, and new giants will hit the market overnight. The “invisible hand” behind the new round of wealth reshuffle will be the new market pets such as NFT games and blockchain technology applications. MPC will continue to refine technology, iterate business model, innovate gameplay, and update organization form, which will surely create infinite incomes and benefits for its users and investors.

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