MPC Metaverse GameFi Alliance

In order to promote the sound development of the GameFi industry, MPC will soon join hands with several excellent GameFi projects to form a “GameFi Alliance” through a consensus reached.

The GameFi Alliance will be a resource sharing platform and will give full play to its role as a nexus to provide a variety of services, such as technology, funding, traffic, marketing and consultation to its members. It will also cooperate with other associations, alliances and institutions related to DeFi to establish a cooperation mechanism to fully integrate resources, take advantage of the platform and promote the development of the Alliance and its memership projects.

For the MPC community, the alliance will achieve the following goals:

1. Diversify investment channels through which users can gain more opportunities to participate in the MPC ecology.

2. Connect more GameFi projects in the Alliance to achieve resource sharing and develop MPC metaverse products.

3. Expand to larger markets, with the Alliance gathering quality communities from around the world and thereby enabling MPC to reach a larger transaction market.

4. Support more decentralized community governance, where every community member in the Alliance will become the builder and manager of MPC.

5. Reach stronger community consensus: the management form of DAO will make the community more cohesive and drive MPC into a truly community-driven GameFi project.

For the GameFi industry, the Alliance will play the following roles:

1. The GameFi project will be able to give full to DeFi’ combinable characteristic, bring more innovative products online, provide users with a richer gaming experience and create more revenue.

2. Extend and expand its ecology to form a network effect and maintain long-term competitiveness while growing.

3. By uniting top investment institutions, trading platforms and media in the industry, we provide comprehensive support for quality GameFi projects in terms of funding, trading, traffic and marketing.

4. Provide developers with more diversified innovative facilities and basic services to help the whole GameFi technology ecology develop and mature.

In order to give full play to the influence of the Alliance and allow more projects to enjoy the benefits brought by the Alliance, MPC will send out No Objection Letters to mainstream GameFi projects to invite their participation. We hope that leading GameFi projects will take the lead to be the founding members of the Alliance, and thus radiate their influence to the entire GameFi ecosystem to attract more projects.

The first batch of invited projects include 10 top-notch GameFi projects, including Axie Infinity, Ember Sword, F1 Delta Time, Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, League of Kingdoms, Splinterlands, Star Atlas, The Sandbox, Zed Run, etc.

MPC also welcomes self-initiated applications so that more partners in the GameFi ecosystem can join the Alliance for in-depth cooperation in technology development, asset liquidity enhancement and resource sharing.



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