How does Terra Nulla fight its way in the crowded NFT circle?

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DeFi, NFT and metaverse are some of the hottest concepts out there. Together they are merging into what is becoming a vast decentralized universe. Although there are many projects trying to combine these multiple aspects, they mostly end up imitating each other or are simply patchworks.

After the birth of the first NFT game Cryptokitties in 2017, the chain game industry has developed rapidly. Hundreds of NFT games have emerged. Despite the booming industry, the development of NFT games still faces many challenges: such as how to improve on the gameplay; how to ensure that players get a truly fair game experience; how to capture value that benefits multiple parties? Only those projects, which deal with these issues, can break out of the trodden path and stand out from the rest..

Terra Nulla is a GameFi concept game with elements from NFT gaming and DeFi mining. It combines two classic gameplay methods, role-playing and simulation, to create an on-chain virtual world which truly unlocks the advantages of decentralization, on-chain assets and player participation. In the game you can be anyone you like, from a hitman working alone to a landlord recruiting worker. Join and experience the fun of developing your character and earning money at the same time through a series of additional revenue-increasing games.

As an NFT game, Terra Nulla is not limited by the technical bottleneck of blockchain which sacrifices the playability of the game. Terra Nulla’s development team has a background in traditional game development and is capable of developing complex online game functions. The magnificent game graphics, beautiful characters and smooth gaming experience in Terra Nulla give not only a sense of immersion, but also meet the standards of playability and player enjoyment.

Turn Gaming Assets to NFT

In centralized games, there are problems such as serious devaluation of virtual assets, inability to reuse them and black-box operation of data, for example when players buy a set of equipment in the game, they only get the right to use the equipment but no real ownership. So the players as investors will not own any assets at the end of their gaming experience. Terra Nulla, on the other hand attempt to break this monopoly by making NFTs out of all assets in the game. Thus making the property rights clearer. Also because Terra Nulla does not exist solely on a central server, the game does not suffer the risk of a total shutdown. So the assets belonging to the players will not simply disappear when the game would.

Terra Nulla runs on the MPC’s public chain. Therefore players can use their NFT characters to mine in the game and get MPC rewards from different land outputs. Moreover, players can use their MPC tokens to buy NFT assets including character identity, land, props, etc. Following the rules of a market economy, players’ NFT assets can be freely traded in the game’s built-in market. This effectively motivates players to participate in missions to acquire more in-game assets.

Make your Connections Valuable

For the majority of NFT gaming projects in the market, social factors mostly stay limited to the level of payments and asset exchanges between users. Up to now value-making through social relations remains underused. However, the energy and potential of social networking in NFT games should not be underestimated. Terra Nulla has added a new social model to the game, which allows players to cash in on their connections in the game and earn higher revenue in the future.

In Terra Nulla’s game setting, players can choose between two modes when mining. The first makes players miners themselves by using their worker NFT. In the second mode, a BOSS NFT is used to buy land and recruit miners to work on that land, which leads to a profit by collecting commissions.

This recruitment scheme addition improves the playability of Terra Nulla, because players no longer have a single means of gaining profit through mining. More importantly, it improves the players’ enthusiasm to participate in the game. As a BOSS, some community leaders and KOLs can turn their real world traffic resources into human resources in the game. That is, the more miners are recruited, the higher the revenue that these players with a lot of connections can get.

From the miners’ point of view, these BOSSes often offer some generous conditions to attract miners to their land such as higher land output or lower taxes, or even some direct token rewards, etc. This allows miners to get a higher income than they could by mining their own land. Therefore they are more willing to participate in Terra Nulla, which greatly enhances the social dimensions of the game and realizes a great leap in interactivity.

Earn While You Play

“Earn while you play” is now the standard for all GameFi concept games, such as the popular Axie Infinity. This recent game has shown the great potential of NFT games for improving living standards and even eliminating poverty in Southeast Asia, where most players of the game are located. An average gamer can turn their gaming experience into an investment or a means of earning a living.

Terra Nulla offers three means of revenue making from gaming and daily tasks.

Any player can choose a worker character and mine on different lands to earn mining income. For higher earnings, you can increase your hash by purchasing more worker characters. There are five worker roles set up in Terra Nulla, each with unique abilities and characteristics. This allows players to maximize earnings by reasonably allocating their mining lineups.

For players with more capital, they may choose the BOSS role to recruit other players as workers to mine their land and thus earn a commission as income. Like workers, the BOSS character has five roles with different abilities and characteristics such as higher land quality, higher commission income or less worker consumption. This again requires players to figure out their own distribution model for the highest returns.

For those who don’t want to participate in mining, they can also profit by buying and selling land. four levels of land are set in Terra Nulla, and the price of high level land in the secondary market will be much higher than the price when the player opens a blind box due to its rarity and high profitability, so if the player opens this type of land in the blind box, he can also easily get an excessive amount of profit.

In addition to the above three ways of earning income, Terra Nulla also enables players to interact with each other. Players can buy some special props such as burglar robots, then place them on other players’ land and steal their revenue, which not only brings some extra income to players but also increases the fun in playing the game.

Through the above design, Terra Nulla integrates the mining mechanism and benefit distribution mechanism into the fun gameplays such as operation, cultivation and battles. This combination allows players to experience a fun game while gaining revenue through NFT mining.

Terra Nulla has confronted the status quo, by enabling players to earn a real revenue while experiencing a role-playing and city management game which does not sacrifice on playability.

In the world of Terra Nulla, users are not only involved in the game, but also create wealth through their gaming experience. Furthermore, this wealth truly belongs to the players themselves. In further expansions, which would add a series of metaverse elements such as a casino, art gallery and shopping street, the virtual experience of Terra Nulla will feel just like the real deal. Such innovations will bring an ever broader imagination and creativity into the game ecology.

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