Welcome all to the MPC Bounty Campaign!

We are giving out MPC equivalent to $1,000 as reward during our bounty campaign.

Let us build a strong and active community together and make MPC a big success!

Bounty campaign reward pool: $1,000 in MPC

During the campaign, the top 5 most active users (rated by Combot data) each week will be rewarded.

The event will be held for 4 weeks. Last week’s Super Activator will be unveiled every Monday!

Super Activator 1st Prize: 200$

Super Activator 2–3nd Prize: 100$

Super Activator 4–5rd Prize: 80$

Tips: The content must be constructive and relevant to MPC, and if false news and spam are posted in the community, it will be banned forever.

Please fill this form to apply:


Contact Us

Official website:https://www.mpark.cc
Telegram: https://t.me/MPC_Metaverse
Medium: https://modernizingpark.medium.com/
Gitbook: https://modernizing-park.gitbook.io/modernizing-park/



M park

Modernizing Park Chain aims to create a new high performance, highly trusted and highly secure public chain