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Welcome all to the MPC Bounty Campaign!

We are giving out MPC equivalent to $1,000 as reward during our bounty campaign.

Let us build a strong and active community together and make MPC a big success!

Bounty campaign reward pool: $1,000 in MPC

During the campaign, the top 5 most active users (rated by Combot data) each week will be rewarded.

The event will be held for 4 weeks. Last week’s Super Activator will be unveiled every Monday!

Super Activator 1st Prize: 200$

Super Activator 2–3nd Prize: 100$

Super Activator 4–5rd Prize: 80$

Tips: The content must be constructive and relevant to MPC, and if false news and spam are posted in the community, it will be banned forever.

Please fill this form to apply:

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Official website:

In order to promote the sound development of the GameFi industry, MPC will soon join hands with several excellent GameFi projects to form a “GameFi Alliance” through a consensus reached.

The GameFi Alliance will be a resource sharing platform and will give full play to its role as a nexus to provide a variety of services, such as technology, funding, traffic, marketing and consultation to its members. …

About MPC

MPC is committed to becoming the next-generation metaverse game development platform, where developers and players can build their own game ecology. MPC is currently developing its first game -Terra Nulla. Terra Nulla is a GameFi game. In addition to the income from the Play to Earn model, Terra Nulla also has strong social networking properties. If you possess BOSS NFTs, you can recruit community members with Worker NFTs to work on your land, to earn generous commission income.

White Paper(English):

White Paper(Chinese):

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The key to the era of “ Metaverse “: Modernizing Park Chain:

MPC will create…

Terra Nulla sold out its first 500 Genesis Worker NFTs in just 20 minutes after they went on sale on September 10. The price of an NFT, originally sold at $200, multiplied several times over the counter. Behind the robust sales is a consensus among market users on the release of Terra Nulla Genesis NFT — you buy, you earn!

MPC is going to sell newly- created NFTs on Treasureland at 8 PM ( Singapore time ), September 10th (Treasureland:

NFTs can work as a mining machine, and users with the whole set NFTs can share the reward!

To hype up, MPC is teaming up with Melos and Safehamster. To celebrate our partnership and to hype all of our communities, we decided to collaborate on an exciting giveaway.

The MPC x Melos x Safehamster Partnership Giveaway will run from September 9th to September 13th

So what are you waiting for? Follow the steps below to WIN!👇

1.Follow @ModernizingPark and…

Terra Nulla’s first 500 Worker NFTs will soon be available on BSC and PolyGon at the same time.

The 500 Worker NFTs are newly-created NFTs, the first NFTs to be officially launched by Terra Nulla and will be available on the NFT trading platform Treasureland on 10th September.

About Terra Nulla

Terra Nulla is a GameFi concept game with elements of NFT, gaming and DeFi mining, and combines the classic gameplay of both traditional game role-playing and simulation to create an on-chain virtual world. Terra Nulla combines the advantages of decentralization, asset on-chain, and player empowerment. …

Scifi writer Liu Cixin said that there are two roads ahead of us human beings: one outward which leads to the starry sea, and the other inward that leads to virtual reality. While at the same time, internet giants such as Facebook, Tencent and Bytedance are actively making plans for the metaverse; people are looking for an internal path that may change the environment of human life.

At present, NFT game is the most applied scenario of the metaverse concept. Essentially, NFT is a paradigm allowing the transfer from physical world to virtual world, which is the key to metaverse…

DeFi, NFT and metaverse are some of the hottest concepts out there. Together they are merging into what is becoming a vast decentralized universe. Although there are many projects trying to combine these multiple aspects, they mostly end up imitating each other or are simply patchworks.

After the birth of the first NFT game Cryptokitties in 2017, the chain game industry has developed rapidly. Hundreds of NFT games have emerged. Despite the booming industry, the development of NFT games still faces many challenges: such as how to improve on the gameplay; how to ensure that players get a truly fair…

The application of the blockchain technology has been booming since the bull market that started at the end of 2020. It is DeFi that entered the public eye first, since then it has been pushing the market cap to record highs. Now, it is handing off the baton to NFT, which becomes the new favorite of the blockchain industry. The “NFT+ on-chain game” model is attracting a large number of users to jump in, preparing the stage for the real-world entrance. Meanwhile, “Metaverse”, a concept with much higher potential and sentimental attributes, makes a hit overnight!

Terra Nulla is a game with the concept of Gamefi (game finance). It has elements such as NFT, games and defi mining. It combines two classic ways of playing: role-playing and simulated operation, thereby creating a virtual world on the chain. In the game, you can work alone as a worker or as a boss to recruit workers earning commissions. You can also improve your income through a series of additional games while enjoying the fun of upgradation and earning money.

To make it accessible for new miners, Terra Nulla continues the most classic mining in Defi and incorporates the…

M park

Modernizing Park Chain aims to create a new high performance, highly trusted and highly secure public chain

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